May 24, 2017, Letter from the Hospital

Fellow-Called-Out Ones, just as Apostle Paul wrote from the prison, which is called the Prison Letters to encourage believers, today I am led by God’s Spirit to write to you from my sick bed. The message that Apostle Paul wrote to encourage the believers in the churches he planted and establishedrome-537.jpg.

Image “This is the cell that Paul was in when he wrote the prison epistles” Courtesy of

Today, I am writing primarily to everyone who is convinced that they are called by Jesus but facing various challenges and are in the verge of giving up.

Stages Zero to Hero:

  1. RECEIVE THE CALL. The act which only Jesus could initiate, where Jesus chooses and sets His sons apart.
  2. CLARITY OF THE CALL. This is the part of the receiver to zoom in deep into the Holy Spirit to find the clarity of what Jesus has commissioned His son or daughter to do.
  3. ENVISION / SEE THE CALL. This is the part of the receiver to see with the eyes of his spirit, to envision the call that (i) was given by God (ii) received by man. To envision, is the ability to develop sight.
    1. Stature of the Call
      1. Every call takes different roles. Some roles could be a fresh portfolio that has never existed, but is given by God for a specific purpose, to fulfil an assignment through God.
      2. Every call has different times for fulfilment. Thus some may find easy entrance and access towards his path of call in God’s ministry, whereas others may faced vehement opposition of the very call given by God.
  4. CONCEPTION / CARRY OF THE CALL. This is the part of the receiver to bear in his (i) spirit (ii) life the meaning, the description of his call.
  5. DEVELOP THE CALL. This is the part of the receiver to allow God to train him in the timeline of God.
  6. TRIBULATION OF THE CALL. This encompasses everything that comes in the way to hinder the receiver from fulfilling his call.
  7. PERSEVERE IN THE CALL. This is the part of the receiver where he has to stand, withstand and persevere in the very call that God has given him.
  8. FULFILMENT OF THE CALL. This is the part of God, in the timing of God, where God allows the call that was given will become a reality, thus fulfilment the ‘coming to fulfilment of the call.

Fellow-Called-Out Ones, I am impressed in my heart to lay an example, a pattern for you to follow. Notwithstanding the external challenges, we are personally responsible to the very call we received. Many blame the resistance that comes their way and resign the very possibility of pursuing God’s call in their life.

Pray with me that I may develop a teaching series that will be mutually beneficial, and more so for the global body of Jesus Christ.

With love as a Fellow-Called-Out One. Pastor George Varughese (Revision: Edited. 10:27 am. 9:14 am) From The Hospital Bed

(Qualification: The author has written this article without any gender preference. Hence, every reference to masculine includes equally the feminine as well.

REV. GEORGE VARUGHESE | Founder, The Church Called Transformation | Lead Facilitator, Open Heaven Tour Malaysia 

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