Dawn of a New Day

May 29, 2017, Dawn of a New Day. Story of my Journey to Ordination

May 28, 2017 is the end of my years of waiting of 25 year. What I received on March 22, 1992 has finally culminated with my ordination. Ordination is the ceremony of consecration to the ministry (see Reference) 

The path of attaining this day hasn’t been an easy one for my wife and I. God has been our companion to face this dreadful path. If it wasn’t for God Himself, I would have lost my sanity in holding on to the very call I received at the tender age of 21. 

Ordination with family-May 28 2017

Yet, I must say, a new day has just dawned upon my life. A chapter yet to be unfolded. One of the ingredients that has shaped me is what is called stature, which is the result that is produced as one yields to the dealings of God in his or her life. For that my wife and I are forever grateful.

All that we faced as a nightmare that came in the form of pastors and church leaders in the past 25 years of waiting, took us on the road of finding Jesus afresh as our first love. For this we owe to the tearful and tireless prayers of our mothers.

One of the forces that ‘made us’ in the tunnel is fidelity of one to another between my wife and I, there was as it were, a centrifugal force that drew us closer to each other, to face the world. We were both determined to protect each other when church politics deployed its ugly head to split us apart. In spite of our faithfulness, we were depraved from the very things that we held dearly in our service of love in the various churches and ministries along the way. It was painful to see the very spiritual leaders to whom we gave our allegiance to inflicted pains we had to bear.

The two key verses that kept us intact has to do with our spiritual position and identity in Jesus Christ, namely 

  • Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3 (NKJV)
  • and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Ephesians 2:6 (NKJV)

We truly feel that God has allowed great trials to shape us for the great assignment God has prepared for us.

Before I conclude, these are the key lessons for everyone who are facing crisis in their very call in God:

  1. Know and believe in your call, because only that will carry you through as you go through challenges that seeks to derail your very call in God.
  2. Know your identity in Jesus. This becomes a challenges as churches presents different ideologies to the centrality of our faith, that is the personality of Jesus. The tragedy of the church is what they portray Jesus as, a very narrowed representation of God as a blesser and as a God who is happy. This we see in very unreal connotations of worship we see in churches today. 
  3. Fidelity in marital relationship. This is one of the forces that will carry you on in your pursuit of our call. God instituted marriage as the most powerful union, with which we could defeat the greatest challenges.
  4. Challenges produces stature. Never undermine the role of challenges when it faces you. Tough as it is, God sometimes allows it to help us lower our anchor on the very Source of Life, Jesus Christ. Let me tell you, these produces stature in us more than anything else in this life, beyond any bible school or ministry.
  5. You are responsible to hold and to bring forth your call. Many times, the called one blame their challenges and bury their call in God. I believe that when we face Jesus in heaven, we have to give an account to the very call we receive. So, instead of yielding, our challenges is to keep afresh our call and to endeavour to fight this battle of life itself.

Reverend George Varughese was ordained by Bishop David Selvam, Shekinah Glorious Ministries Malaysia on May 28 2017

(Edited 9:30 am, 8:29 am May 29 2017)



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