Apostolic Message To The Called Out Ones


The Author shares these insights from his shackled walk of 25 years as he subjected himself under ultra-traditional, charismatic-prophetic-apostolic types of churches, as he sought for recognition and entrance to pursue his call.

LOOK TO ME ALONE received on June 18, 2017.

These are the deafening words that accompanied him in his silent exit from his final captivity into the roadway of fulfilling his 25-long-awaited-years Call from God. These words preceeded after he was spiritually ordained as he saw in a vision a small tongue of fire and accompanied by heaven’s goldish kingly glory with the unfolding of these words:

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. 1 Peter 2:9 KJV

In less than an hour of beholding this glory, he was struck by a bad back sprain. The Author writes from his sick bed this apostolic message to believers of Jesus Christ. See the devils one needs to battle with to align with God’s call.


Key Emphasis 1: We Are Slaves of Denominationalism

An oxymoron word as it were, Churchianity is a word that is uncommonly used to describe a life that is entrenched in everything church, a life enslaved in the fulfilment of every religious requirements of a denomination, yet a life apart from God. Let me qualify that though the word denomination is used by those on the other side of the fence to describe the mainline churches, the irony is that the same ‘devil’ is also evident to these type of churches. Whilst the non-denominational churches pride in their freedom from everything that is religious, these also adopt praxis that is sometimes unbiblical and moreso in their ecclesiastical structures and styles of doing church. One would be surprised that this even exists in the reformed traditions of the charismatics, pentecostals and even apostolic brand of churches.

Key Emphasis 2: We Walk With Shackles 

One of the things the Holy Spirit enlightened us is that many good-intentioned Christians are bound and walk with shackles of traditionalism, theology and churchianity. Many Christians are gullible enough in the guise of honour, to devote themselves in their labour of love, while not realising the true nature of these churches.

Many leaders of these non-denominational churches even demand their followers to address them as papa, father and the modern ‘dad’ even despite their cultural use of such salutations all under the guise of the misappropriated element called ‘covering’.

Key Emphasis 3: We Walk Without Protocol


The revelation that we received just yesterday is about our approach towards God. We fail to realise that our God is a God of order and that Jesus has sent us Helper, the Holy Spirit to accurately connect us to His Father. We are guilty of trespassing these protocols amidst our spirituality and verbosity, set by Jesus through Whom we reach God. We often diminish the role of the Holy Spirit, the parakletos, Who is indeed our God-sent Helper.

Key Emphasis 4: We Walk In Isolation

A dream we received about 2 year was instrumental in unveiling the lie of denominational leaders conning their followers that their so-called network or entity was the only accurate model on earth to reach heaven. An egoistic approach that easily blinds the followers and rubbishes every other church, denomination and movements.

In that dream, a certain network that we belonged to was occupying a certain corner of the mega-ship. God enlightened our spirit that there is only ONE SHIP which is Jesus’ Ship on the earth, in which are all the global churches and each occupying a little part of the ship.

Key Emphasis 5: We Walk In Intimidation

God-given call is not easily seen or recognized by ego-centric and evil leaders who;

  • either chooses to look past the grace of God’s called out ones either to diminish the grace imparted on God’s chosen one;
  • or deliberately chooses to shut the door for these called out ones from entering this realm of possibilities in God’s ministry arena.

Prolonged periods of intimidation is a common weapon intentionally engaged to derail these called out ones. The words ‘you are not international’ was constantly drummed up to the Author. Such actions and words have debilitating effect on the called out ones over a period of time. If it wasn’t for God Himself that sustained him, the Author would have lost his sanity to dispose off his very call in God. How many more lives have to plough this pathway to arrive to their place of call in God?

Prayer: Jesus Christ, help me today to love You single-heartedly and to live to please only You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen 

Published: June 19, 2017 (Updated June 20, 2017)
Sincerely, Rev. George Varughese | Life Changing Factory | Email: lifechangingfactory@gmail.com | Blog Page: https://lifechangingfactory.com | Facebook Ministry Page: https://m.facebook.com/lifechangingfactory


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