12 Sept 2017-LAW OF ATTRACTION OF GOD’S BLESSINGS-Bible Verse Series-Rev.George Varughese

“Come to a place where you delight yourself in the Lord, where God’s desires will become your desire – being the platform for you to receive more than you could ask or think” Rev. George Varughese

Psalms 37:4

Part A. God <> You – (1) Your action towards God

1. The ability to trust God Psalm 37:3
2. The ability to do good Psalm 37:3
3. The ability to live by depending on God’s faithful providence Psalm 37:3
4. The ability to be happy / content in and with God Psalm 37:4
5. The ability to let go of ourselves in what we do and to depend in him Psalm 37:5
6. The ability to be in a place of restful dependence on God Psalm 37:7
7. The ability to shun evil and to do good only Psalm 37:27
8. These being the keys to live forever Psalm 37:27
9. The ability to depend on God alone and to live by Him Psalm 37:34

Part B. The reality of the righteous. (1) Your code of conduct

1. They will inherit the earth Psalm 37:9
2. They will inherit abundance of peace Psalm 37:11
3. The sense of contentment of the righteous because they will have more than enough though they have less quantity Psalm 37:16
4. They will be full when there is lack Psalm 37:19
5. They are never forsaken by God Psalm 37:25,26
6. They always have all that they need, in their present and in their future generations Psalm 37:25,26
7. They are benevolent that they are able to lend to the needy Psalm 37:25,26
8. Their posterity will be blessed Psalm 37:25,26
9. They will dwell in the fulness of life where they live Psalm 37:29
10. They speak wisely and with justice Psalm 37:30
11. They have God’s law written on the tablets of their hearts Psalm 37:31
12. Because of that they will not fall! Psalm 37:31
13. They will have a good future Psalm 37:37
14. God will save them Psalm 37:39

Part A. God <> You (2) God’s action towards you

1. God will satisfy your hearts desires Psalm 37:4
2. God will bring everything to fulfilment Psalm 37:5
3. God will reward your righteousness and justice living in the open Psalm 37:6
4. God sees the calamity coming to the wicked Psalm 37:13
5. God secures the destiny of the righteous Psalm 37:18
6. Those God blesses will inherit the earth and the vice versa Psalm 37:22
7. God orders the walk of the righteous and delights in that kind of walk Psalm 37:23
8. God will not allow the righteous to fall out of grace Psalm 37:24
9. God does not forsake the righteous Psalm 37:28
10. God will defend the righteous Psalm 37:33
11. God will be with the righteous in their trouble days Psalm 37:39
12. God delivers the righteous from the wicked Psalm 37:40


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