April 29, 2019

This is to inform the Marthoma Church community in Malaysia that the purpose of my recent visit to Kerala April 11-17 was for ministry in Idukki District; and praise God for the harvest for God’s glory!

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to meet our beloved Timotheos Thirumeni who also brought me to meet our beloved Metropolitan Thirumeni for a casual visit.

The news of my meeting has been misrepresented by irresponsible parties in the church for their own selfish purposes.

This is also to inform that I have received ordination to serve the global church irregardless of any denominational barriers.

I am grateful to God for the favours shown by the then Zonal Assembly, My Home Parish with the support of individual members during my theological studies and the years I served in the church.

Moving forward, do contact me should there be any ways we could serve the ministry needs of the church in any unofficial capacity.


Rev. George Varughese @ Bobby Achen

Shah Alam, Malaysia

ps: May you be blessed by this video I was privileged to record during my ministry trip.


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