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Rev. George Varughese has a call for the transformation of “each brick” the believer, the constituent member of the house, the building material of the church with a global scope, towards a renewed life in Jesus Christ.

To achieve this, God has led Rev. Varughese to publish Daily Inspirationals, the Life Changing Factory that is broadcasted via Facebook on weekdays, as being a practical tool for application in all areas of practical living on online level. This tool has benefited many viewers both locally and globally irregardless of their faith convictions.

To build on the ground level, Rev. Varughese works with pastors, elders and church leaders for a season of time, ‘to build with them and to build for them’to fulfil his call of “the transformation of dead stones to life.” 

Rev. Varughese is an anointed and passionate speaker for any settings be it locally and abroad. God has also graced Rev. Varughese in business and passionately coaches young talents at entry levels for business.

Life Changing Factory is a Ministry of Transformation with an effort to build The Church Called Transformation which is a global project under the auspices of Shekinah Glorious Ministries, Malaysia.

Rev. Varughese graduated with a Degree of Bachelor of Theology from Malaysia Theological Seminary. His journey through orthodox-evangelical to charismatic-apostolic movements as well as in the marketplace has made him God’s servant to carry God’s prophetic word.

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