Testimony by R.J. JOHN

Original Article published and re-published by permission of the Author, Facebook/R.J.JOHN

Open Heaven Malaysia 2017
When I was given an invitation to come for this conference entitled Open Heaven Malaysia, I was thinking deep down in my heart. Why is the title Open Heaven? What does Open Heaven mean?
I didn’t want to go for the conference in the beginning but God put the burden in my heart to support this Conference and the couple, the Host of this conference, Rev George Varughese and Sister Lethisia Mary. So since the burden was so real in my


heart for this couple who is beginning their ministry, I made myself available to just be able to support this couple to start their ministry. But least did I expect, I was blessed instead. Each session of the conference was mind blowing, spirit filled and it gave deep truths and revelation of the Bible. The couple told me before the conference, that they are going to honor the forerunners of the christian ministry in Malaysia. I was like, “Why should we honour them? Wouldn’t God honour them in Heaven? I didn’t get His revelation but during the conference when the honouring session was ongoing the presence of God filled the conference hall, that it was so real and then i realise, this couple started their ministry by first honouring the forerunners first, by acknowledging their works in Malaysia and beyond and a voice whispered to me,’
“They have started a great beginning because they choose to honor My leaders.’’

Isn’t that amazing? You come to a conference not just to listen to the word but each session was different, spirit filled. I seriously experience the presence of God so real in my life. The revelation was deep truths. Open Heaven is to manifest the glory of God in our lives here on earth. Open Heaven is to experience the presence of God real in our lives here on earth today.
One sentence the guest speake Rev Dr Attah mentioned, “You dont pray to preach.You dont study to the bible to preach.You pray for yourself. You fast to encounter the deep relationship with God and thats when God’s presence will bring you to another whole new level.’’

I was blessed by this conference. I am excited to see how God is going to bring this couple to the whole wide world as they begin their ministry. Someone wise told me this before, never despise small beginnings.

God is raising leaders all around the world. The world must hear Jesus.
Check out their ministry page and be blessed. https://lifechangingfactory.com/

Acts chap 1:8. 
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you,and you will be my witness in all Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

All the best Rev George Varughese and Sister Lethisia Mary


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